Founder, Co-Owner, Team Leader Of GJB Health Services

Gloria Bannasch, Founder of GJB Health Services, is nationally certified by the board of certified counselors and is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Wisconsin. She is Wisconsin’s only Certified Gottman Therapist. With over 30 years of experience in the field of counseling, Gloria has worked with couples for many years.

“When I discovered the Gottman Method, the way that I partnered with couples changed dramatically”, Gloria says. “The Gottman Method has allowed me to treat the relationship as the “identified client”, rather than seeing two clients and doing individual therapy with one partner while the other watched. The focus is on coaching the couple to help improve communication and build greater trust and intimacy within the relationship.”

In addition to Gloria’s work with couples, she has worked in a wide variety of settings, in mental health settings and in alcohol and drug treatment programs. Having been trained as an interventionist, Gloria is a big believer and supporter in the intervention process. According to Gloria, “People find recovery and abstinence in a variety of ways; however, I believe that 12 Step groups work the best for most people”.

Nationally certified by the Center for Credentialing and Education as an executive coach, Gloria is able to use and interpret various assessments for clients who are beginning to think about entering the work force, making a career change or reentering their careers; these tools allow clients to identify strengths, pin point weaknesses and be more successful in their chosen fields.