Gloria Jean Bannasch provides professional consultation for other therapists, physicians, psychologists and attorneys.

Areas of Expertise

Gottman Couples’ Therapy Gloria is Wisconsin’s only Certified Gottman Therapist.

Addiction to Alcohol and Other Drugs
For 35 years, Gloria has worked with clients who struggle with addiction to alcohol and other drugs. She has worked in many different settings in which addiction is treated or addressed.

Gloria is trained as an interventionist and has facilitated many interventions over the years. She is a big believer in the process.

Dual Diagnosis
Having had extensive experience in working with depression, anxiety and personality disorders and with addiction, Gloria uniquely qualified to work with dual diagnosis clients and to advise others who also perform this work.

Creating a Private Counseling Practice
Having built a large private practice during the past 7 years, Gloria is always happy to have others benefit from the lessons she has learned.

Offering Students and Therapists Information About the Pros and Cons of different Settings for Practice
Due to the diversity of Gloria’s professional experience, she can offer insight into different facets of the field of counseling that text books and professors cannot.

Rates for Consultation:

Legal Consultation – $250.00 Per Hour

Due to the complex nature of legal testimony and consultation, it is charged at a higher rate. The rate includes travel time and report writing. Food and lodging will be charged at cost.

Other Professional Consultation – $120.00 Per Hour

If consultation is requested by students, the rate is negotiable.